The Lord has richly blessed and cared for Lighthouse Baptist Church since its inception in 1979.

Beginning as Calvary Baptist Church, the church was planted by a Bible college professor who
was teaching at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in San Dimas, California. As is the usual
path for a fledgling congregation, Calvary met in various locations before settling into a
permanent home of her own (such as the Holiday Inn – West Covina & the Masonic Temple –
San Dimas, eventually landing on the campus of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College). Except for
a brief, one-year relocation to Central Baptist Church, Pomona (1991-1992), the church spent the
majority of its early years housed on the Bible college property.

Over the course of time, families were added to the congregation, several of whom were
schooling their own children at home but were anxious to see the church begin a Christian
school. While the congregation was still meeting in those borrowed facilities in Pomona, plans
were set in motion to begin a school. The dream became a reality in September of 1992 when
Calvary Baptist Academy opened her doors for the first time.

The entire school (except kindergarten) met together in one room – the main auditorium of
Billington Chapel (PCBBC campus). In the fall of 1994 the school refurbished Noel Smith
dormitory (another building on campus) and moved the school there, this allowed the classes to
be divided into three classrooms. In 1997, CBA returned to a remodeled Billington Chapel, but
that lasted for just one year as the college sold its property, resulting in Calvary having to
relocate by the end of that school year.

This was a time of uncertainty and much prayer as the church began, again, to search for a
meeting place. There had been substantial growth since her early years and now it was a
challenge to find an affordable location large enough for Calvary and all of her ministries. The
Lord was at work behind the scenes, however, and had prepared our beautiful current location.
for us to make our permanent home here in La Verne.

We have recently celebrated our 36th anniversary as a church and over 22 years as a school.
Truly it is evident that the Lord has been good to us.

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